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Our mission, as the one and only down manufacture in Japan, is devoting our incomparable clean down & feather to consumers.

If dust, dirt, and nutrients are not removed well from down in processing, it will cause increases of bacteria and fungi.

We believe it is our responsibility to remove extraneous matters from down completely, and to concentrating on producing the best and cleanest down. We want to give you our perfectly safe and comfortable products.

Pursuing the cleanest high quality downPursuing incomparable cleanness for Down & Feather

Down & feather is a part of our life. That is why we stick to quality.
Comfortable duvets hold your healthy sleep, and lightweight jackets keep you warm from cold in winter.

Since our foundation in 1891, we have dealt with materials of down & feather. Also, we have devoted all our energies to reach our ideal quality. Our own standard, aiming cleaner, cannot be reached by anyone yet we keep developing new technology.

We collect appraised high quality down from all over the world. We can produce and cleanse down only in our Japanese factory to reach our own standard.

We want anyone can use down & feather products. That is why we have been pursuing the ideally clean down.

Certification of the quality

Product Labels “KAWADA DOWN” on the left above stands for warranty of high quality new material.
"Green Down" on the right stands for eco-friendly recycling item with low carbon footprint.
We are proud of presenting the both high quality down, having responsibilities to look after our users’ health.

Best environmentfor processing Down & Feather

We selected to relocate our factory to Meiwa, Mie Prefecture from Nagoya City, and moved in 1990. The reason is its special “water” and the “climate”, which can't be obtained in any other places in Japan.
This location is most suitable for manufacture our high quality down & feather.

Technologyfrom the endless wisdom of human industry and knowledge of plumage and nature

We made our own theory and technic based on five generations’ experience and knowledge since 1891. Our production lines were designed based on such theory and technic.
We can take out dust and dirt perfectly because we use our production lines here, so we can make very clean down not comparable in the world.

Additional function to Down & Feather

Kawada has developed a unique know-hows to give new functionalities on washed feather-down. We use very clean down without dust and dirt so nothing else go out together with dust and dirt.
For these reasons, even chemically treated down has the same result as usual down in toxic test. Click the picture and check it out for details.

Quality Assurance

KAWADA DOWN is checked quality in each production process by the qualified inspectors. Fully processed down is analyzed at on-site branch of UMOU Science Lab.
USL is an independent laboratory formally certified by IDFB, and is the first authorized lab. for JIS1903 (down & feather analysis) by ISO/IEC17025.

Our responsibility for Down & Feather

KAWADA DOWN is traceable.
We always study down & feather through breeding and breed of waterfowl from all over the world. Thus, we get high quality raw material carefully selected from original region and process them by ourselves.
Accumulated knowledge and experience are necessary to handle high quality down & feather.

Preserving the Japan made qualitypursuing stable quality of down comforters

It has been hardly known that Kawada produces a lot of down comforters.
We used to manufacture our down products with OEM basis as a service for those who bought KAWADA DOWN.
We produce from a single piece to the large-volume lot.
Production capacity is the biggest class in Japan, and production lots per day are the largest.

Integrated Production of Down comforterfrom fabric to final product

Kawada Feather manufactures bedding products in our factory on an OEM basis.
Starting from processing raw down until manufacturing finished goods,
our integrated manufacture in the cleanly sanitized circumstance ensures clean down products.

Quality Assurance Labels

Kawada’s down comforter, its finest quality, is guaranteed by JDFA’s Gold Label.

Refresh Service

We take out down from your comforter and wash & process the down again. Then, we make down comforter renewed from the processed clean down.

Care points for your down comforter

To keep your down comforter clean and fluffy, how to wash and store are followed by the next page.

Our mission, deep studying Down & FeatherDown & Feathers is our family business

Down & feather business as our family business dates back to 1981, and since then we study down & feather over one century. Thus, we made down-jacket market, and endeavor to popularize down comforters in Japan.
We continuously keep to produce clean and safety down using our utmost knowledge and experience.

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