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Our responsibility for Down & Feather traceability

Down & feather, used as the filling material of its products, are made of waterfowls and the natural product. Therefore, there are many kinds, and it makes very wide dispersion of the quality and the country of origin. That is why, we must trace the reliable distribution route like the country of origin, breeding time, kind of birds, living environment, proper collecting method of down & feather.

Original traceability “UMOU”


KAWADA imports pure raw materials directly from the country of origin through our overseas reliable suppliers as a professional maker of down & feather with knowledge and discernment to distinguish the high quality of raw materials. Theses suppliers keep sever quality and breeding management of waterfowls and down & feather treatment. As the proof of our reliable quality to confirm the distribution route like the country of origin and proper collecting method, we made our original label, UMOU.

UMOU Mark guarantees the traceability. It identifies not only the distribution route, export date, processing date of down & feather, but also can guarantee this real down & feather of waterfowls only. Furthermore, it has processed in our domestic factory only, from dust-removing, washing, to sorting carefully.
(We keep this traceability system from 1980s for our severe quality management.)

Traceability certificate audited by the third party

“RDS (Responsible Down Standard)”

RDS is one of the famous international certification standards, which ensures through traceability reviews that Down & Feather are collected from ducks and geese that have not been subjected to inhumane treatment such as harvesting feathers from live birds or force-feeding.


“J-TAS (JBA Traceability Audit System)”

This is the traceability audit system provided by the Japan Bedding Goods Association, with the aim of improving the reliability of the indication of the origin of Down & Feather.



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