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Refresh service

We always wish to use down comforters, lead us sleep well or are filled with our precious memories as long as we can. We can use comforters more than 10 years if we change the down comforter cover regularly and properly take care of them every day.

If the quality of down conformers is high, we can use them more than 20 years also. If softness or heat-retention of down comforters decrease little by little, we can refresh them in our factory like the authorized professional factory by Japan Down Products Corporative Association.

Way of our refresh service


Every down comforter, especially its quilt cover, does not last forever. As time goes by, down comforters will reduce warmth because the comfort quilts deteriorate. Even more, it reduces down power and softness of down comforters if daily care is not good enough.

We take out the down & feather from down comforters and process them one by one with our unique machines. In the process of re-making, the down power of down & feather sometimes become less, so we will refill new down in the comforter. The weight of our processed down almost will not change because we perfectly remove the dander from down.

Certified remaking factories


Kawada Feather has one of the highest level factories, and own “Premium Down Wash Process” authorized by Japan Down Products Corporative Association (JDFA). We have to take a certification inspection; an inspector from JDFA must come into our factory and investigate. “Premium Down Wash Process” starts from taking out down from each down comforters. Then, we wash and clean down separately in our small washing lines, and remake down comforters with new fabrics.


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