Pursuing the cleanest high quality downPursuing incomparable cleanness for Down & Feather

Additional function to Down & FeatherCommitment to Down & Feather

We have technologies to increase and add functions to down & feather. For example, we have a special process to add comfortable warmth and increase antibacterial level with natural function of down & feather.

We can add special functions to safety because we are able to remove dander and dust completely. Dander and dust become house dust and also, they are easy to absorb chemicals. We take out all dander and dust from down, so all treatments are directly attached to the down, not to the dander or dust. This is our own feature for treatments.

Our down & feather is highly safe, when we run down & feather safety tests, our clean down & feather always gets really good results as well. Our treated down is safe because we do healthy test and check for all processing lots of down. Our down is known for top quality. Healthy test for our treated down and new down are same result in our database.

1 Nano crystal(Far infrared rays processing)


Treated down is able to generate far infrared rays continuously.
We create special structure to generate far infrared rays from minerals which come from plants. The minerals are attached to our dander-less down stably keeping nano size. It is only possible to down which has incredible light weight and surface. It cheers up our everyday life.

This chemical, water, is drinkable. When we use down & feather with the water, it generates the infrared rays, which is good for our body. Treated down has high absorbability and releasability of water, it is warm and comfortable. Down & feather, processed with nano crystal, is very secure due to chemical free and has the deodorant effects.

Far Infrared Association
Measured at 35℃ close to the body temperature
Sample Average emissivity
Nanocrystal processed down 75.08%
Non-nanocrystal processed down 42.16% 
Nanocrystal processed down with 10 times wash 67.10% 


Nano crystal down generates high infrared rays. In washing test, Nano crystal down washed 10 times has 8% less average emissivity. However, it still keeps the higher value than Non-Nanocrystal processing.

Nanocrystal down has deodorant effect.

Deodorizing test (Conducted with the reduction rate of odor after 3 times wash) Source:
BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute
Component SEK evaluation Nanocrystal down
Ammonia 80% and above 91%
Acetic acid 70% and above 97%
Isovaleric acid 95% and above 98%


This deodorizing test is for “the Product certification mark SEK” of the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council. From this result, we can find deodorant effects for Ammonia, Acetic acid and Isovaleric acid, one of the acrid odors from sweat and so on.

The nano crystal down is certified according to “class I” of OEKO-TEX(R) STANDARD 100 to prove the security and safety of textile products strictly.

2 DOWN WITH® processing(Fusion of multifunctional fibers)

This is a process to add a new function to down & feather by fusing multifunctional fibers stably and durably.

Based on our unique patent technology, we can entangle the multifunctional fibers and down with proper processing way. It will not be separated after long usage. Synergistic effect, led by phenomenal volume of down & feather, big shape change of down by temperature and moisture change, and multifunction fiber, dramatically increases.

3 AG DOWN(antibacterial deodorizing processing)(The Product certification mark SEK of the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council)

On the view of the safety for our body, we could reduce use of chemicals by combining toxicologically chemicals, effective for various bacteria.

This anti-bacterial special processing (AG DOWN) is exclusively developed for our down and feather. This has the effect for the antimicrobial and wash-resistance with keeping the quality of transparency and height.



4 Super SEFDAN(Anti-flammable processing)

“SEFDAN” was derived from “SAFE DOWN”.
Anti-flammable process is as same as dyeing. Processed down & feather is strongly combined with the chemicals. Even though we wash it many times, the anti-flammable down is not changed. Also, down quality like filling power is not changed.

5 ESCARE(Water repellent processing)

“ESCARE (the water repellent process)” increases drying function after washing. The feature has water repellent but moisture penetration. Breathability is kept and the functions of down, absorption and desorption of moisture and so on, are not changed.

6 SUPER ESCARE(Super water repellent processing)

SUPER ESCARE is stronger method than normal ESCARE in water repellent.

7 Deodorant processing Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK mark)

Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK mark)



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