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Do our best for Down & Feather

We, Kawada Feather Group, have to take the important role to lead the global market and domestic industry of down & feather as the top manufacturer of down & feather.

We will try our best to keep good future of down & feather future with our professional knowledge, plentiful experience, unique technique and rich imagination.

Now, we cannot obtain the very rare high quality of down & feather except a few gourmet countries, because the demand of cheap meat becomes a trend rapidly. Under this situation, what do we want to create, what material do we want to use? Our mission is “Providing the clean and secure down & feather with the high quality.”

We purse this mission forever to deliver the safe, secure, healthy down & feather to our customers. We also know what is to save the future of down & feather, and what we can do for the next generation.
Our answer is “to use the high quality down & feather in the future.” To fulfill our wish, we need to achieve an important mission.

Also, we have been working on an important project about using the best quality of down & feather in the future. We collect used down products. Old down products have a lot of very good quality down which is less in the world now. We sort out good quality down only. Then, we process it in the same way as virgin down and also recover the damage of down in our special treatment. After down becomes fresh, we use the down to make new down products.

These are very long–term social recycle systems to make sure we can use limited good quality down for more than 100 years. To obtain only the good quality down & feather which becomes less now, we also select such down & feather, wash, process, and then reform it into new products. This is to build the recycling system of down & feather. We can use the down comforters for 10 to 20 years or above if we care it properly.

After long-term use, down comforters will be thrown away or recycled. Old down comforters contain better quality down than new ones. Meat from young waterfowls with very short-term breeding is normal now. Therefore, down quality drops in high speed. Long-term breeding was usual before, so its down was in very good quality. We want to keep this long-term breeding down for more than 100 years. That’s why we collect such down comforters.

Down & feather is light and soft, but very strong, which can be used more than 100 years. Besides, it can be used in many times even after washing. If we wash and refine the high-quality down & feather from the down comforters with our unique machines, we can use it for many times healthily. Down & feather becomes very clean after washing. Its function like heat prevention and the damage can be recovered.

The recycling system of down & feather is necessary to build the long-term recycling society. Besides, the recycling system is also a very earth-friendly project. By recycling down & feather, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 50% of  down & feather is made from carbon. If we burn up 1kg of the down & feather, it emits about 1.8kg of the CO2 back to the atmosphere.

Building down & feather recycling system is a foundation for our long-term recycling society. We strongly believe it is one of the most important responsibilities for us.

Toshikatsu Kawada, ph.D.
Representative Director

Personal profile

Mar. 1983 Graduated from the faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University Dept: Industrial Engineering
Jan. 1985: Joined Kawada Feather Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1985 Entered the MBA program at Colorado State University
Jul. 1986 Returned Japan, rejoined Kawada Feather Co., Ltd. as a manager of employee education department and down & feather department
May. 2005 Appointed as the chairman of technical committee of JDFA (till May. 2017)
Apr. 2007 Appointed as the representative director of Kawada Feather Co., Ltd. (till now)
Apr. 2008 Entered Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
Jun. 2008 Appointed as the vice-president of IDFB (till now)
Oct. 2014 Appointed as the board of directors of EDFA (till Jun. 2018)
May.2017  Appointed as the chairman of JDFA (till now)
Jun. 2017 Appointed as the vice-president of JBA (till now)

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