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Care points for your down comforter

Even high-quality down comforters may get dirty or lose softness due to long term use or daily sweat absorbing. In order to guarantee the comfortable “sleeping”, it isreally important to know how to care and store comforters.If we follow the right ways of taking care of our down comforters, we can get high-quality sleep every day and use them more than 10 years easily.



Down comforters are superior in water absorbencyand desorption, so it is necessary to always keepthem dry once in a day. As an effective way of dailycare, lifting up down comforters, shaking it gentlythrough the fresh air once or twice to take outmoisture from mattress.

Since moisture stays in the mattress of our back,down comforters continuously absorb moisture andemit it even during the daytime. Down decreases thetemperature, between down comforter and mattress,cooler than the room temperature by heat ofevaporation. Also, in case of less emission, moisture will stay in the mattress more and more because of being used though moisture still stays its inside. Meanwhile, fold down comforters or put it aside to open space for drying the part of mattress.

It is unnecessary to sun-dry our down comforters as often as cotton comforters; however, if moisture stays in down comforters and its down power (fill power) becomes not as high as before, it is time to sun-dry them with the cover for one to two hours.


Effect of sun drying


It is commonly known that sun-drying is hygienical andhas sterilization effect. If we dry our down comforterwith its cover, the cover can help prevent thecomforter fabric from the color-fading. Moreover, thecover has an important role in blocking poisonoussubstances like PM2.5 and pollen away from thecomforter surface. After drying the comforter, take offthe cover and wash them before using again.

Use of comforter-drying machine


The down comforter-drying machine is possible to use. It is very effective to keep dry for down comforters. Also, it kills mite and bacteria & fungus on the surface of comforter fabrics.
However, we need to pay attention that the temperatureis not getting too high. If the down comforters-dryingmachine lacks the function of temperature adjustment,put a blanket or towel in-between the drying bag anddown comforter. And, please check its manual beforeusing the machine.


How to take care of washablecomforters


We can put washable products(summer blankets)directly into the household washing machine, but pleaseuse the washing net for comforters when washing thedown comforters. In addition, before washing downcomforters, please check the specification label carefully.Compared with normal washable products, it takes longertime for down comforters to dry. Finally dry it by thetumbler dryer with large washing net to reopen down.

Please wash and dry down comforters for winter use by exclusive machines in coinlaundry. Using washing net helps to avoid damage to the fabric when washing.Also, before washing, please remove allergen of mite from down comforters byvacuum cleaner.

We do not suggest to wash down comforters using KAWADA Down becausewashing is not necessary if we do care them daily and change their cover properly.Our “Down” is very clean, so, if down comforters are washed, the dirt and allergenof mite attached on fabrics move to the down inside of it.


Preserving down & feathercomforters


Please store the down comforter after completely dry it.We suggest putting the down comforter into a breathablecontainer or bag with the odorless insect repellant. Alsowrap down comforter up into a breathable fabric, like asJapanese Furoshiki.Also, the down comforter should be stored in the lessmoisture place like the upper of the closet.


Using the compression bag


We do not recommend thecompression bag to store the down & feather. However, if you use the compression bags, please pay attention to the details and description of the compression bag below.
Firstly, we need to dry down comforters completely beforestoring it into the compression bag. Always remember notto store the down comforter until its moisture iscompleted dried.Secondly, do not absorb too much air from the bag. Theideal height of squeezed down comforters should betterbe 1/4 of original’s. Please avoid storing down comforterin the bags longer than 6 months.When it is time for using comforters again, make sure totake them out from compression bag, let them restore totheir original states in the first place.

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