Preserving the Japan made qualityPursuing stable quality of down comforters

Preserving the Japan made qualityPursuing stable quality of down comforter

We have factories that can produce down comforters in a continuous process from sewing to manufacturing. We produce pillows and comforters made with the high-quality down & feather, refined in our factory. Almost all the products are OEM brand, and we produce all products by putting utmost importance on quality so that customers can use them safely and comfortably. We do our best to provide a wide variety of production based on innovated ideas, effective programs and unique technical machines developed by Toshikatsu Kawada.

Factory entry policy


Whenever visitors and employees enter our factory, like raw material and down & feather production area, it is obligated for them to change shoes each time. This policy is strictly followed.
In addition, we use specially made bags to control processed and blended down & feather, and keep them in the separated area to prevent from any dusts and other dirty pollutants. We also limit our own employees who enter this special room.

Sewing up of comfort quilts


We conduct comfort quilts sewing process of down & feather comforters as well as feather pillows in our factories. The comfort quilts are fabrics sewn before filling the down & feather into them. Their inside structures are not only complicatedly-designed but also involves lots of styles. In order to prevent the amount of down & feather from getting less in a certain place of  down comforters, we use our own unique way to sew quilts. After sewing quilts, we inspect them to check whether any small metals are in them with the metal detector. After these steps, we match the color and size of products with the information written on invoices, then proceed to the next step.

Filling Down & Feather (The way of filling)


The down comforters are produced by our originally designed machines, filling the down & feather into the comforter quilts. KAWADA FEATHER has a “Full-Automatic Down & Feather Filling Machine.”
This machine is built under our unique engineering philosophy, automating and optimizing the down comforters’ production to produce easily a variety of down comforters with ultra-accuracy, so we can produce from one to many down comforters at a time. No one can follow us.
Thanks to this unique device and machine, we can fill the fixed volume, and equalized quality of down & feather into comforter quilts. Therefore, our staff can concentrate on visual inspecting comforter quilts filled by this machine and setting the fabric on filling pipes. Down & feather are filled full-automatically into comfort quilts, so we can allocate enough staff for product inspecting and delivering the assured quality of down comforters to our customers.

Inspection and metal detection


Before delivering our products to customers, there are several inspections via machines and eyes. After filling the down & feather into the comforter quilts, we sew to close holes made for the filling down pipes. As the next step, our staff strictly check whether comforter quilts and pillows are filled with the correct volume of down & feather, and sewing threads of comforter quilts are properly cut. As last, we use the cleaner and the metal detector to make sure the high quality. The cleaner removes sewing threads from the surface of comforters. Also, the metal detector removes all small metals from products. Only products which were passed our strict inspection can be moved to the shipment area.

Folding, Packing and Shipping to customers


After investigations with a metal detector, unqualified comforters are removed from the belt conveyor and kept in the filling room, and only qualified comforters are automatically sent to the packing room. Our down comforters are very high volume, so folding them is very hard. In the packing room, we carefully and gently fold them one by one so that the fluffiness and the quality can be maintained for our customers. Down comforters are packed into the bag together with labels and name tags. We make sure the correct number of bags are packed in each carton box before they are delivered to our customers.

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